Japan Study Tours

All Factory Japan Study Tours, planned for Spring 2020, have been postponed till the next Autumn, because of the Corona Virus situation. Just to remember, a tour include a  whole week, together with Maema and Hirayama partners, to study and see with our own eyes the background and structure of Toyota Production System (TPS) in several excellent Japanese companies.

The main targets of our tours are:

  • To visit the world’s highest level factories
  • To learn about Japanese culture and background of the Toyota Production System
  • To practice some techniques to apply TPS under the guidance of former Toyota managers
  • To promote communication among fellow tour participants
  • To analyse and solve together problems participants may have

We will try to reach our goals through:

  • Training by consultants with a Toyota Motor’s background
  • Seminars and kaizen training
  • Case history examples
  • Factory visits
  • Briefing and debriefings every day
  • Short inputs about Japanese culture

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