Main activities

  • Training and consulting
    • For the corporate sector, Maema deals with training and education courses to promote the knowledge and application of the main managerial methods of Japanese origin: Kaizen Approach, TPS/Lean Transformation, TPM, TQC, 5S Program, Monozukuri (Product Development and Production), Hitozukuri (People Development), Application of New Technologies …
  • Intermediation for companies
    • On request, search and presentation of companies; support for the first contacts, meetings and negotiations.
      Information on economic sectors, companies and specific topics related to Japan and Italy. Search for Italian or Japanese partner companies. Support for agreements and collaboration between Japanese and Italian companies, as well as in communication and marketing.
  • Cultural exchanges
    • Support for the organization of expositions and events that promote cultural exchanges between Italian and Japanese individuals and groups.
  • Translations and interpreting
    • We carry out  translations and interpreting from and into Japanese: publications, technical and scientific translations; interpreting in consultancy, negotiations, conferences, fairs, tours, study visits…
  • Corporate study tours
    • Companies or groups of Italian and European entrepreneurs and managers who want to make study visits to companies and manufacturing plants in Japan can contact Maema organization with confidence. Japanese entrepreneurs and managers wishing to visit European companies can do the same.

Industry 4.0 and Society 5. 0 (EN)

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